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Video Sewer Inspection Services

Video Camera Drain and Sewer Inspection

Plumber applying A video camera down a toilet drain


Having the capability to actually see the inside of pipes underground is no longer simply a "luxury."  It is a necessity. Practicing professional drain cleaning and plumbing without the technician's capability to see what he is doing, is approaching negligence.

Today, we are able to accomplish this with the use of specialized video camera systems (Sewer Cams) designed to go down into pipes - reaching all the way from a drain entrance in the building, to the end of the private sewer lateral where it dumps into the municipal sewer main or private septic tank. No more guesswork! 


Video Inspection Demo

This short video will illustrate me performing an actual sewer clog cable cleaning operation while watching the process down-line real time on a Sewer Camera.  There was a total blockage about 55 feet down the house sewer line where it terminates and dumps into the septic tank.